Sound artist, composer and philosopher from Medellin, Colombia in search of the silence of sound and vice versa.

His practice blends ancient and contemporary sonority ideas and technologies of sonority to create experiences of meditation, attentive listening and immersion, crossing acoustic instruments, field recording, synthesizers, digital/analog processing and the human voice.

His research and writing investigates the process of silence, the forms of listening and the materiality/immateriality of sound, putting its scientific, spiritual, artistic, therapeutic and social dimensions into dialogue.

Co-founder of ÉTER audiovisual laboratory, momoto studio, Auditum listening platform and Sonic Field website. Writes for CLOT Magazine.

His work has been published at LINE901 EditionsWhite Paddy MountainDragon’s Eye RecordingsEilean RecordsAudiotalaiaNova Fund RecGalavernaImpulsive Habitat and ÉTER.

Contact: miguel (at) miguelisaza (dot) com

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