Hipnagogia Exhibition

Project: Hipnagogia, Sonic Arts Exhibition Year: 2018 At: Crealab Gallery / Auditum Festival With: ÉTER Laboratory About Hipnagogia (Hypnagogy) is an intermediate

Auditum ─ Listenings Platform

Project: Auditum – Listening Platform Year: 2018 and running With: Medellin Modern Art Museum, Parque Explora About Auditum is a platform for

Week of Listening

Project: Semana de la escucha (Listening Week) With: Éter, MAMM, Parque Explora. Date: July, 2017 At: MAMM, Exploratorio, Botanical Garden, Platohedro Role: Curator A week dedicated to explore


Project: Innerscape For: Vacuamoenia (Italy) Year: 2016-17 Role: Judge Concept: “The development of new technologies and recording techniques allows us to listen


Project: Escuchas sound art exhibition With: LAB3 @ MAMM Year: Dec 2015 – Mar 2016 Role: Curator As a result of a collaboration between LAB3


Project: Ecos: sound art and listening With: Museum of Modern Art of Medellin Role: Curator Date: 2015 – 2016 Three events dedicated

ÉTER Editions

Project: ÉTER Editions Role: Curator Releases of sound art and experimental music featuring local and international artists. Over 30 releases published.