New Chronologies of Sound

Lab3 Sound Experimentation Room, Modern Art Museum of Medellin. March 16 – June 12, 2022 Guest artists: Hugo Branco, Diana Combo, Gustavo


Audiosphere Exhibition: Sound Experimentation 1980 – 2020. Reina Sofia Museum, Spain Curated by Francisco López By way of a selection of hundreds

Hipnagogia Exhibition

Project: Hipnagogia, Sonic Arts Exhibition Year: 2018 At: Crealab Gallery / Auditum Festival With: ÉTER Laboratory About Hipnagogia (Hypnagogy) is an intermediate

Valle Silente

Project: Valle Silente (Silent Valley) Year: 2018 Web: About Valle Silente is a sonic process on the public space, based on

Subscendencia @ Sound Corner

Project: Subscendencia (2 channel version) Date: April, 2018 At: Sound Corner @ Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy Role: Sound composition / installation Web: auditorium ‘Subscendencia‘

Darién: Simbiosis

Project: Darién: Simbiosis With: David Escallón, Rossana Uribe Date: March, 2018 At: Pereira Museum of Art, Image Fest 2018, Colombia Role: Sound composition and installation (3

Subscendencia @ 4×10

Project: Subscendencia Date: March, 2018 At: ‘4×10: New explorations on time’ exhibit, Medellin Modern Art Museum Role: Sound composition and installation ‘Subscendencia‘ (Subscendence) is a piece


Project: microcosmos With: David Escallón, Rossana Uribe / ÉTER Lab At: Flora ars+natura Gallery, September 5, 2017 About Sound work without light